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Delivering a performance worthy of "the Queen of the genre" (Los Angeles Times), Grier portrays one of the screens first action heroines with humor, sensitivity and steely determination. But I couldn't rate this 5 stars because of how cheap Olive Films are. For many years, even now one of the sexiest, most stunning women in films. Not blurred and scratchy like many films from the old American International library.

This electrifying revenge thriller explodes with all the sex appeal and cooler-than-cool attitude of its irresistible leading lady. The twenty five year old Pam takes your breath away in every scene.

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SYNOPSIS: In "A Distant Drum" a wounded Hanley, separated from his platoon, forces a reluctant French woman to give him aid.

How on Earth this film managed to get released without a single special feature in the US blows my mind. Don't get me wrong, I am pleased as punch to own this movie but I buy Blu Ray's because I want the whole kit and kaboodle. I'd just watch freaking Netflix if I just wanted to watch a movie and move on with my life. Pam proves that no one else could've done this role justice but her.

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I make things to make sense of things – websites, blogs, exhibitions, stop-motion videos, collage, performance, hand-made machines and printed materials such as research ‘zines.

I have a background in interdisciplinary methods – gender studies, cultural studies, literary theory and sociology.

Much of my writing has experimented with styles of address, pushing the sobriety of scholarly modes to introduce affect and intimacy to empirical discussions.

But the most startling confrontations are yet to come as she schemes to bring down her boyfriend's killers in ways they never could have imagined. Above all the wonderful acting and beautiful presence of Pam Grier makes this flick more then just a fond memory from my teenage days.

Olive Films do Jack Hill, Pam Grier and film fans a great disservice by putting out such a lacklustre product when so many others like Scream Factory, Arrow Video, Criterion, Severin and others are putting out remarkable Blu Ray packages that are sometimes worth buying for the bonuses alone. I'm really glad she gave it to that bald guy that raped her.