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The route lasts around an hour and a half, and is narrated by an expert commentator.

Or could just take your pooch on your regular bus route while spouting some entirely made-up facts about how dogs actually built the entire city.

This particular pooch has been handed the most prestigious accolade an animal can receive. He might have a menacing name but his bark is worse than his bite – probably.

K9 Killer has been awarded the animal equivalent of the George Cross, the PDSA Gold Medal, for his bravery and devotion. The fearsome canine has been recognised for the role he has played in helping to save the rhino from extinction, risking his life by sniffing out poachers deep inside the Kruger National Park in South Africa. Alongside his handler, Amos Mzimba, Killer is flown into the park on a helicopter as part of a four-strong team to help track armed poachers. “Killer's sense of smell is absolutely amazing at tracking people,” said the Environmental Crimes Investigation Unit’s Bruce Lesliem who nominated the determined dog for the award.

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This appeal is to honour and commemorate beloved pets by donating £25 towards the cost of a fence post with option to have a 4in x 2in brass plaque engraved with your choice of message and affixed to your post.There, she told investigators he bit her arm and forced himself on her. “It was not consensual in any way and as soon as she was able to leave reported to police,” said Lynn Kimbrough, a spokesperson for the Denver District Attorney’s Office.Sisman has been formally charged with one count of sexual assault, a Class 3 felony.The woman told investigators the two met on the app and exchanged messages before deciding to meet at a Lo Do bar.The woman reported feeling dizzy and woozy before going back to Sisman’s home.