Autism dating resources

Parents ask me all the time what puberty will be like.Honestly, we have no idea because like all things autism-related, it's different for every child.

When your teenage child was younger, you taught her the basics of good hygiene – how to clean her teeth, have a shower or bath, wash and brush her hair, blow her nose and wash her hands.

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Certain things happen to everyone, but they are the same things that happen with or without autism - spontaneous erections, masturbating, facial hair and funky smells for boys; and for girls, periods, growing breasts, shaving and yes, more masturbating.

The rest is truly child-dependent so let's talk about how a child with ASD might need a different approach to the most common issues. Hormone surges cause unreasonable mood swings, aggression, arguing, and (ever-fun), defiance.