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Be that as it may, if you’re looking for a defensive firearm on a budget, or just want a cool piece of history, you should probably grab one of these while the getting is good.

There has been an understandable gain in interest in this unique Beretta design considering the recent importation of Italian police surplus.

It is user-friendly, durable, reliable and accurate, while with its snag-free lines is can be tucked in any kind of holster or pocket for deep concealment.

Available in .22 LR or .25 ACP, it is perfect for concealed carry (on its own or as a backup pistol), and it keeps besting all pistols in its class for quality, value and design.

Much of this began with the S&W Model 59, which although advanced paid the price of being the first to market and lacked many of the improved ergonomics and handling in the later market.

Post WWII Beretta had developed a locked-breech, 9mm pistol in their Model 951.

Despite popularity in the Middle East, this gun was not going to be a game changer. Working from the Model 951, Carlo Beretta, Giuseppe Mazzetti, and Vittorio Valle sought to construct a future-ready military design.

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How does one say “ya’ll ain’t from around here, are you? If you’re into used Berettas or follow the surplus gun scene, you’ve probably noticed that these Italian police trade-in Beretta 92s have been popping up all over the place at stupid cheap prices.Admittedly I have a well-earned reputation for a weakness for “surplus” firearms.Although they are becoming more difficult to find these days, I do like to keep an eye out for what might appear from time to time.While doing this recently, I happened upon a Southern Ohio Gun advertisement for Beretta 92S pistols.A call to the company to place an order also revealed that they were being described as “military and state police” pistols direct from Beretta. In 1951, Beretta introduced a pistol dubbed the Model 951.