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A fitting caption for arguably the craziest, most talented rebounder the NBA has ever seen.

Dennis the Menace was a distinctive individual on and off the court.

When they got on the topic of her interviews with David Letterman where she often seemed annoyed and ready to curse him out, Madonna revealed that her then-boo Tupac had once hyped her up and made her feel “gangsta,” making her feel bold enough to test the censors on live TV.

Carmen Electra got the scare of a lifetime at a Halloween party she was hosting last night — as extra security had to be called in for her safety after she came face-to-face with ex-husband Dennis Rodman, a new report claims.

READ MORE: 7 of the Shortest Celebrity Marriages of All Time The timing is especially worrisome, considering she recently opened up to Oprah about her failed marriage to Dennis.

With many Americans baffled by Dennis Rodman's recent antics — a budding friendship with a certain Korean dictator and a drunken rant on live TV, to name a few — we must have forgotten about all those stunts “The Worm” used to pull back in the day.

A true renaissance man of zany who actually contains multitudes. All the time, but Whitman would have loved Dennis Rodman, and the NBA world would be a lot more dreary and monotonous if he never blossomed before our eyes on Detroit’s Auburn Hills court, then added his traveling carnival act to the second three-peat of Michael Jordan’s reign.

Here’s a look at just some of the wild things he’s been a part of, both on and off the court…

No, Dennis is that unique flavor who defies description or category.

This man is truly on one, as he has been for years.

He has a long history of losing his cool, temper, sanity… It's never easy to agree with anything he does, but Dennis Rodman is just acting as he should: himself.

He found work where he could, including a janitor position at the Dallas-Fort Worth airport.

In his off-time, though, he could be found at local basketball courts, where the now 6-7 player, was a force.