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The truth is, you’re already a high-value man; the trick is realizing this, then creating even more value by giving some of your endless resources to those around you. Dominance Versus Prestige The “alpha male” front relies largely on showing dominance. Generosity was a trait that was particularly valued in the study and a good indicator of how to attract a woman worth attracting.Thus, one of the best ways to display high value is to dispense copious amounts of value to others.You’ve got so much, you can afford to give it away to just about anyone.ago, when I was hanging out at a bar after work, talking about dating—the swipes, the winks, awkward IRL meetups, and, in my case, a message from a swinger who wanted me to help him with a woodworking project in his garage while his kids were at school—a friend brought up a new site called the League. “I want to get on it.”The League, for the uninitiated, is the ivy-covered country club of dating apps, designed for people who are “too popular as it is.” There’s a rigorous screening process—“We do all that dirty work for you”—that takes into account where your diplomas come from, the prestige of your titles, and, crucially, your influence on social media.Two months after the League’s November 2014 launch, the wait list was 75,000 people long.