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She was married to filmmaker Roman Polanski (left).Manson (pictured right in 1971) was convicted of murder even though he did not physically take part in the crimes Debra said the last time she saw Sharon, the wife of Roman Polanski, alive was when she watched the moon landing with her on July 20, 1969, a few weeks before the elder Tate was killed on August 9, 1969.

But in 1996, when the Supreme Court ordered the publicly funded military academy to admit women, it was up to Bunting to find a way to peacefully and safely matriculate female cadets. "It was much worse than what I had ever expected to find," he confessed.They sat down and one by one told their stories of how, while attending the nearby United States Air Force Academy, they had been raped by fellow cadets and subsequently punished by the academy's administrators. They spoke instead to seven people: a former congresswoman, two retired generals, a retired colonel, a military sociologist, a rape-victim advocate, and a psychiatrist, all of whom had been handpicked by Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld to investigate the burgeoning scandal at the academy.By the end of the private two-hour testimony, every member of the audience had tears in his or her eyes. It was a moment of cataclysm for me."Bunting knows military academies. with his mission accomplished, Bunting was a particularly astute choice to serve on Rumsfeld's panel, which was headed by former Republican congresswoman Tillie Fowler.Believability is something that savvy Y&R soap opera fans expect.Yes, action scenes, various natural disasters, numerous marriages and invading one-dimensional villains are acceptable.